Veolia extends water reuse process for Baladna, reducing water consumption

(Image: Veolia Water Technologies, via Baladna)

Following the first stage completed in 2020, Qatari dairy producer Baladna has worked again with Veolia Water Technologies to extend the wastewater treatment capacity at its farm in Al Khor, north of Doha. Baladna is home to over 24,000 cows that are spread over 2.6 million square metres, and it will now recycle 22,000 m3/day of wastewater.

Committed to ecological transformation, Veolia Water Technologies is working with Baladna Food Industries to support their sustainability plan and recycle their wastewater. The partnership started in 2020 with the design and construction of a 6,000m3/d wastewater treatment plant, allowing for the treated water to be reused for irrigation within the farm and, following further treatment by reverse osmosis, to spray and cool the cows during hot summer months. Based on this successful project, Baladna decided to go further in 2021 by tripling the treatment capacity to 22,000m3/d.

Piet Hilarides, CEO of Baladna, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership with Veolia: “After a first successful project with Veolia, we strengthened this partnership in line with Baladna’s commitment to sustainable water management. The holistic approach to reuse treated wastewater and limited environmental impact of open lagoons are key developments. We are enthusiastic to expand the treatment capacity of reusable water on a larger scale, reducing our freshwater consumption by more than 50%. This project marks a major milestone on the sustainability journey of Baladna and will significatively contribute to improving the environment for the surrounding  Al-Khor area.”

The system includes an initial separation step with a capacity of 22,000m3/day. Of its total capacity, 12,000 m3/day will be recirculated for flushing barns, with the remaining 10,000m3/day further treated in an MBR system followed by a polishing reverse osmosis step to produce water to replace the potable water currently used in the soaking and misting systems of the farm.

Thierry Froment, CEO of Veolia Water Technologies in the Middle East, explained: “This project will reduce the strain on freshwater resources while eliminating the need for huge water treatment lagoons and the visual and odor pollution caused. This collaboration also highlights a significant achievement in the sustainability plan of Baladna and, in line with Veolia’s purpose of ecological transformation, showcases a holistic way to reuse treated wastewater. We are extremely proud of the relationship between Baladna and Veolia in Qatar.”