VEGA DTM: Sensor test concept based on FDT saves time and money

Regular testing of electrical systems is a rather unpopular task in many industrial companies, not least because regular proof tests often result in a costly process interruption with subsequent recalibration and reparameterization. That’s why many companies often react only when a malfunction occurs. But not only is proof testing required by law. It helps to provide more protection and safety and, in terms of predictive maintenance, can also save costs in the long run.

Proof testing accomplished with minimal effort
For many VEGA sensors, the cost of such tests can be effectively reduced. Once triggered by the VEGA DTM, the field instruments run through the mandatory tests during system operation and the final results are displayed in the VEGA DTM. This provides maximum safety and fulfils all legal requirements. The latest DTM generation now goes one step further than its predecessors: It offers the option of printing the complete results report or saving it as a pdf document. This makes work easier for plant operators because the documentation is automatically done for them. The required documents are ready to go in a jiffy. Just sign them and you’re done.

Test passed? Or not?
Especially in SIL applications, clear visualization of the results of the self-test reduces the workload considerably. The DTM effectively issues a “report card” for the level and pressure sensors VEGAFLEX 80, VEGAPULS 60 and PROTRAC. The document certifies the exact condition of the instruments. Just like in school, a glance at the first page of the report is enough to see the most important thing immediately: “Passed” or “failed”!

Complete data history saved
VEGA has been using the VEGA DTM for years to document the parameter settings of its level and pressure sensors. The DTM also forms the basis for reliably diagnosing the instruments at any time and storing the entire data history on a laptop for longer periods.

The intelligent test concept of VEGA instruments ensures that all self-test results are permanently available in the event memory.

On this basis, it takes only one further small step to consolidate the valuable instrument data into a test document in the DTM – and present it in a clever, as well as clear and legally compliant form. Over 40 individual parameters are noted as checked and, in an ideal case, marked with “ok” and a “green tick”.

A reliable diagnostic duo
The test concept is based on a service-proven duo: A diagnostic unit integrated in the sensor, which collects diagnostic information continuously, and the universal adjustment software PACTware. PACTware allows all instruments to be accessed, while the associated detailed information is provided by the DTM, the Device Type Manager.

This combination ensures continuous diagnosis of all field instruments in use. It notifies the user of irregularities and documents the results of the required proof tests.

Extended service life of the system
The VEGA DTM not only simplifies proof tests. It transforms a corrective maintenance concept into an intelligent preventive maintenance concept. This minimizes the risk of failure of the system and extends its service life.

At a glance, the advantages of the VEGA DTM include:

  • Complete documentation of all critical conditions according to DGUV Regulation 3
  • Early detection of problems
  • Malfunctions can be rectified immediately
  • Optimal system availability
  • Automatic self-test of the field instruments