Vancouver: A utility will soon get their thermal energy from a wholly different source – wastewater

Global leader in thermal heat recovery International Wastewater Systems Inc. (IWC) has just installed a SHARC thermal energy exchange at the False Creek Neighbourhood Energy Utility, Vancouver, also known as the False Creek SHARC. IWS systems generates economical systems and energy for hot water and heating for commercial, industrial, and residential buildings by recycling thermal energy from wastewater.

The model, known as SHARC 880, provides the largest capacity any SHARC system has been known to offer to date, with rates of water flow going up to 1,500 gallons (5678 litres) a minute, around three times that of extant SHARC models currently on the market.

In False Creek, there will be two SHARC 880 systems installed that will work side by side, in order to demonstrate the economic and energy efficiencies of the system over a year.

Announced in August 2016, the False Creek SHARC follows on the heels of the successful collaboration between the IWC and Metro Vancouver. The Metro Vancouver is a partnership of one Treaty First Nation, one Electoral Area, and 21 municipalities that altogether plan for and carry out services in the region of the lower mainland in British Columbia (BC), Canada.

The False Creek Neighbourhood Energy Utility is a large heating network serving the district that was established in 2010, and currently offers hot water and heating to an estimated area of 4,300,000 sq ft (392,000m²) consisting of commercial, institutional, and residential space.

This is not the first time a SHARC system has been combined with a heating network; the first installation was in 2015, at Borders College in Scotland. However, energy networks over a large scale are an increasing trend as cities explore ways to bring up energy reliability and efficiency while also bringing down costs and decarbonising energy grids.

“We are pleased to be working with Metro Vancouver on their district heating network,” CEO of IWS, Lynn Mueller, said. “This SHARC installation showcases the capability of IWS technology when applied to large scale, low-carbon thermal network.”

Source: WaterWorld