Utility Systems Announces Slimline Battery Pack

Smart water metering company, Utility Systems has announced that it has streamlined the replaceable battery pack for its Water Management Device (WMD) in an effort to use it in a wider variety of meter boxes.

“The updated battery pack has been carefully designed to ensure that neither lifespan nor capacity are compromised,” says Darren Oxlee, Chief Technology Officer at Utility Systems.

The lifespan of the updated replaceable battery pack is up to 10 years, depending on usage – the same capacity as previous in-field battery packs.

The Utility Systems WMD is the original remote communicating electronic water control valve and Standard Transfer Specification (STS) Association approved prepayment water management device. When linked to a pulse output water meter, the WMD enables two-way communication, configuration and valve control as well as the option for STS-approved prepaid water supply using 433 MHz radio frequency.

Adds Oxlee, “we are continually looking for ways to improve the efficiency of our products for the benefit of our customers and the community. The streamlined battery is an enhancement that we believe will continue to offer customers longevity and reliability.”