University of Mali chooses Landia pumps


Despite being ranked as one of the world’s most economically challenged nations, the West African country of Mali has opted to install four top quality pumps at a new university campus in the country’s capital, Bamako.

Designed and manufactured by Landia of Denmark, the four pumps will be housed in a new inlet pump station at a wastewater plant close to completion in the district of Kabala, by the banks of the River Niger.  The expanding University already includes the National School of Engineers and the University of Law and Political Science.

Ideal for pumping heavily contaminated fluids, as well as effluent with a high content of solids, the Landia DG-I 80s are equipped with an external knife system at the inlet to the pump, which ensures hassle-free operations under conditions in which many other pumps have problems with clogging. 

The Mali-bound Landia pumps will be supplied via HYDRANET – Atlantique Industrie Groupe of Ancenis near Nantes, who in addition to being the principal distributor of Landia equipment in France, also supply former French speaking countries in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Landia’s Export Director Thorkild Maagaard commented, “Even in such a challenging economic environment as Mali, we are very heartened to see such a strong commitment to investing in the best quality equipment that will provide an unmatched service life”. 

Mali, the eighth largest country in Africa, is also home to one of the world’s oldest seats of learning in Timbuktu, which was once a very prosperous nation in its own right as a key global trade route for trans-Saharan commerce including gold, salt and books.