U.S.: Environmental Protection Agency to hold hearings for rewriting water rules

In the United States (U.S.), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is preparing to hold ten public hearings in order to collect commentaries on its continuing efforts to come up with a new version of a water pollution rule brought into being during the Obama administration.

According to the Federal Register notice that is due to be published on Monday, the EPA will be hosting teleconference meetings throughout the autumnal season.

Nine of the ten meetings will look at agriculture, conservation and energy, and construction. One session will be open to the general public.

These hearings are part of an effort from the EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers to develop a new “waters of the United States” regulation in order to better define and clarify the federal government’s jurisdiction under Clean Water Act. In July, the agencies had formally proposed to repeal the version of the rule brought into effect by the Obama administration, which have been called “vague” and “far-reaching.”

However, environmentalists support the ruling first introduced during the Obama Administration and allege the current administration will put significant water supplies in danger.

The EPA is also planning on meeting with smaller entities while also encouraging public involvement in the form of submitted written comments.

“Both [the] EPA and the Corps are aware that the scope of [the Clean Water Act] jurisdiction is of intense interest to a broad array of stakeholders and therefore want to provide time for broad pre-proposal input,” the EPA stated in the Federal Register notice.


Sources: United States Environmental Protection Agency, The Hill