Two factories closed over waste water dumping in Dottawady River

Two factories have been ordered to shut down by The Mandalay Region Environmental and Resources Preservation Department for dumping their waste water directly into the Dottawady River last October.

“We ordered [them] to reduce the amount to under BOD 6,000 in September 30. Now that the educating time is over, we have closed two factories which have a higher BOD and COD value. The two factories are a brewing factory and a fertilizer factory. They have to prepare a treatment plan or else we will close their factories permanently,” said Minister Myo Thit for Preservation of Environment.

Biochemical Oxygen Demand or Biological Oxygen Demand, is a measurement of the amount of dissolved oxygen (DO) that is used by aerobic microorganisms when decomposing organic matter in water.

He added that in Mandalay, 15 of the 90 factories located there produce waste water abundantly, especially breweries. “The standard BOC and COD must be under 6,000 but at present it is produced above BOD 25,000 and it is too much. We must abide by the rules,” he said.

“After the waste water was dumped into the river, the river water was unable to be used or consumed. We are living beside the riverbank but there is a scarcity of water,” said Khin San from Nyaung Pin Ni village, on the Dottawady River.

Text by Min Thant, translated by May Aung Shwe / Retrieved from Eleven Myanmar