TÜV SÜD expands Reverse Osmosis membrane testing capabilities

TÜV SÜD Water Services now offers extensive RO membrane testing services in Singapore to plant operators, chemical suppliers and membrane manufacturers. Both 4’’ and 8’’ reverse osmosis elements can be tested for performance evaluation, fouling characterization and chemical compatibility. The new set-up allows both sea and brackish water membranes to be assessed under varying conditions and for different amounts of time.

“Plant operators, chemical suppliers and membrane manufacturers now benefit from access to an independent facility”, explains Gerald Kresta, Assistant Vice President at TÜV SÜD Water Services. “The impartial assessment verifies and supplements internal assessments. While flat sheet testing is widespread and has a proven usefulness, it has limitations and by offering clients access to both test set-ups we can support a wide range of stakeholders needs.” TÜV SÜD’s offering of analytical inspection and autopsy capabilities, flat sheet and now assembled RO element testing enable several key evaluations to be performed:
• Fouling issues or reduced performance can be thoroughly characterized to determine root cause and mitigation measures developed.
• Chemical compatibility can be tested to ensure that chemicals do not impact element longevity.
• Cleaning procedures can be optimized by evaluating chemical efficacy.
• Performance claims can be validated, in-house results can be verified.
• Competitive performance benchmarking of membranes can be conducted.

Clients benefit from access to an independent, impartial one-stop shop for their RO membrane requirements. With the introduction of this testing capability, TÜV SÜD Water Services offers clients unique performance enhancing insights by integrating assembled element testing results and treatment process expertise.