Tsurumi launches TSURUMI AVANT

Tsurumi has launched a new brand of submersible pumps, under the name of “TSURUMI AVANT.” Created to deliver the maximum in customer satisfaction, TSURUMI AVANT sets its eye on the future and pools Tsurumi’s years of know-how with submersible pumps, completely revamping everything from the product line-up to the materials used for components into the highest grade of pumps it makes.

TSURUMI AVANT has two products, MY-series and MQ-series.

The MY-series is high grade submersible sewage pumps. These pumps offer 4 types of impellers (Open Channel, Vortex, Grinder and High Head) and a versatile range of specifications featuring 40 to 250 mm discharge bore diameters and 1.5 to 18.5 kW motor output specifications.

The MQ-series is the premium grade of submersible sewage pumps equipped with an IE3 premium efficiency motor. These pumps offer five types of impellers (Open Channel, Chopper, Vortex, Grinder and High Head) and super wide ranges of specifications featuring 50 to 600 mm discharge bore diameters and 1.8 to 355 kW motor output specifications.