Tsurumi conversion multiplies service life

Tsurumi has released a conversion kit for its KTV dewatering pumps which, following testing, showed that the lifetime of the pumps in abrasive applications was extended from five weeks to five months.

The Tsurumi KTV pump is a lightweight pump used for dewatering on construction sites, in mining, tunnelling and special civil engineering applications. Its lightweight construction makes it easy to transport but the company found that it sometimes reached its limited in environments with highly abrasive water.

Tsurumi decided to investigate the mechanical stress, especially on the oil housing, fixing disc, pump housing and wear plate. The focus was on the use of the pumps in very demanding environments such as hard rock. New wear parts were developed in a modified design with a different Shore hardness value. In addition, the oil housing was manufactured with a greater wall thickness.

In practical testing in a German tunnel project, the lifetime of the upgraded pumps was extended from five weeks to five months. Further operations in several tunnel delivered even better results.