Tsurumi Avant – “An eye for the future”

Operating with a new brand name under the Tsurumi umbrella, Tsurumi Avant offers a new portfolio consisting of submersible pumps and wastewater treatment equipment. Bobby Ng, general manager for Tsurumi Avant Asia Pacific, tell more to Water & Wastewater Asia on how the Osaka-headquartered company remains committed to its water- and people-friendly values while creating advanced water utilisation tools to support the water pump market demands.

Water pumps are considered one of the oldest and most widespread machines that supports a variety of applications. Can you share with us an overview of today’s water pump market, and how will you describe the transformative role water pumps play in the water and wastewater industry?
Bobby Ng:
Water pump has been integral in contributing to the development of human civilisation even in primitive forms since ancient times. Take any sector, it is impossible to imagine today’s world without water pumps. Be it mining, sewage, desalination, wastewater or any other manufacturing plants, the applications are numerous.

As with any other industry, the world’s pumping market is currently facing multi-faceted challenges; the world economy is gradually trying to recover from the pandemic and the global political climate along with the resulting humanitarian crises has caused major supply chain disruption and price increases.

Having said that, the future of the industry is bright. Investments and infrastructure are growing around the world. Many projects are in the pipeline in the Asia-Pacific region, which were previously impacted by the pandemic and other factors. Some research anticipates the global pumping market to grow at 6% CAGR and even higher for South East Asia.

In the face of urbanisation and climate change, how can the water pump market meet the demand of water utilities to ultimately make a successful business case for them? And as the water sector, like many other industries, is on the ongoing transition to Industry 4.0, how is Tsurumi helping water and wastewater plants overcome the challenges they might face in this transition?
Firstly, the transition to Industry 4.0 is not a challenge but an opportunity for Tsurumi as well as all our partners and even competitors to move towards a sustainable and better world. The first step that we are taking towards this transition is through higher efficiency IE3 class motors. Our energy-efficient pumps provide lower operating costs solution to the wastewater plants while consuming low energy which reduces our environmental footprint as well.

Furthermore, the MQ series from the latest Tsurumi Avant brand of pumps are equipped with various sensors. Supporting the interconnectivity aspect of the Industry 4.0 revolution, it is now possible to remain in control of the pumps’ health in real-time. It can be programmed on the control panel to create a comprehensive Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) system. Also, the pump selection system, TASS, provides detailed equipment information to the end-user within taps of a computer screen.

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