Tsurumi adds powerful high-volume type to HS-series pumps

Tsurumi has launched the HS3.75SL (manual) & HSZ3.75SL (automatic) model pumps which are high volume and low head type of Tsurumi’s proudly best-selling HS-series. While these pumps are submersible single-phase portable drainage pumps with only 0.75 kW of motor output, they come with max. capacity of 580 l/min and max. head of 10.8 m3/min of drainage capability. With this high volume drainage performance, they are suited to specifically meet the needs of the rental market, as well as the civil engineering and the construction market.

As with the existing HS-series units, these operator-friendly submersible pumps are compact and lightweight, i.e. highly portable, and offer improved maintainability. With their wear-prone parts constructed of wear-resistant materials, they are also superbly durable. In addition, these pumps have a spiral pump casing that facilitates smoother passage of foreign objects like mud and soil contained in the pumped liquid. Moreover, the shaft incorporates Tsurumi’s original agitator to prevent air lock as occasionally seen in vortex pumps and semi-vortex pumps. The agitator also stirs slurry efficiently.

The HSZ-series is made as a simple float switch-equipped automatic model to prevent dry-running operation and to reduce power consumption. It automatically stops running when not needed, which makes it appropriate for night-time operations and construction works in dense residential areas.

Packed compactly into these pumps are Tsurumi’s original technologies, such as an anti-wicking cable, dual inside mechanical seals with silicon carbide face, and an Oil Lifter, developed through years of research and use in the field. These design features ensure that products manufactured by Tsurumi will long be in continuous duty. They will work dependably in the civil engineering and construction fields where high durability and reliability are essential.