Treatment plant at Alabama, US wins State Excellence Award from Alabama water association

The award-winning plant at Southside, Alabama, US

A new treatment plant with a cost-effective biological treatment process has won the State Excellence Award from Alabama’s Water Environment Association (AWEA).

The Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) from Lakeside Equipment Corporation was specified by the plant’s designers, CDG Engineering, for its robustness, ease of operation and scalability for future needs.

The Southside, Alabama, US plant, for which the SBR was supplied by The Eshelman Company, consists of the headworks, mechanical screen system, and lift station pumps to get raw sewage into alternating tanks for aeration and settling.

UV disinfection and an automatic effluent pumping system deliver treated water to the receiving stream.

The building of the new facility has helped to enable Southside to continue to grow its economy after its old sewage lagoon system, despite decades of excellent management, had finally reached its capacity.

Now, with its increased capability, Southside has been able to welcome the prospect of building new homes and seeing investment from new businesses with open arms.

The US$4.3m project won praise from the AWEA judges as a first-class example of a long-lasting investment for the wastewater industry. The project has been described by David Fry, assistant superintendent for Southside Water Works and Sewer Board, as a “great environment to work in”.