TRANSCEND Water Launches to Offer Revolutionary Automated Design Software for the Global Water Sector

Organica Water has launched the TRANSCEND water brand to offer revolutionary automated design software for the global water sector.  The TRANSCEND design generator (“DG”) is an advanced software platform developed over the last 10 years with input from leading water experts around the world and utilised by over 5,000 end users (water treatment facility designers).  DG enables engineering firms and technology companies to accelerate digital transformation initiatives and improve financial performance by leveraging software to automate preliminary engineering and facility design tasks.

The TRANSCEND design generator is the only software available today that fully automates the end-to-end preliminary design of a water facility in less than 24 hours.  The cloud-based proprietary software enables engineering firms to achieve and evaluate preliminary designs for an entire water facility without the need to spend hundreds or thousands of engineering hours on each variant. With a limited set of customised, client-controlled inputs, the intelligent solution validates thousands of data points to ensure global quality and consistency of designs. The complex set of decisions then goes through several iterations before running static and dynamic simulations. Once the process unit selection and simulation are completed, the software optimises critical decision to select the optimal equipment and build a complete Building Information Model (BIM) using any of BIM tools available on the market today. The final and most critical step is generating a COMPLETE set of engineering quality documents including a Process Flow Diagram, P&ID, Equipment BOQs, Civil Drawings, and many others.

TRANSCEND’s existing customers have realised 85 per cent faster turnaround times to their existing clients, 30 per cent increased win rates, much higher employee satisfaction due to the elimination of monotonous and repetitive tasks, and enhanced brand recognition for technology innovation.

Organica’s CEO, Ari Raivetz says, “Organica has been on the forefront of innovation in the global water sector since its founding more than 20 years ago.  Today marks a special day in our journey with the launch of TRANSCEND.  The reason we chose the name ‘Transcend’ is because it represents the revolutionary nature of the software, but more importantly the benefits it brings to users – the ability to transcend the industry status quo – just as it has already changed the way many large water EPC firms do business since launching the first version of DG.”