Toray to supply RO membrane for UAE seawater desalination plant

Toray Industries has received a reverse osmosis (RO) membrane order for the Taweelah desalination plant in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Once the operation commissions in H2 2022, it will be one of the largest RO desalination facilities with a daily capacity of 909,200m3 of water.

Technical services will be provided by Dammam-based Toray Membrane Middle East (TMME). Toray will help alleviate water shortages in the Middle East through TMME, which will ultimately lead to energy supply throughout the world.

The district has been considering starting construction of the RO desalination facility for approximately 20 years. Key factors in Toray obtaining this order were that its RO membrane technology and record in the Middle East over the past 15 years have delivered lower capital investments and operating costs than the conventional evaporation method. Gulf countries have been investing extensively in infrastructure to cater to the rising population, so the Taweelah facility will be vital to progress.

Toray has also installed RO membranes for the Umm Al Quwain Desalination Plant in the UAE, with a daily capacity of 681,000m3. The latest order will affirm the company’s position as an RO membrane supper to the world’s major desalination facilities. Toray will continue to contribute to infrastructural development in the country by providing RO membranes and technical support for the planned RO plant.

Over the years, Toray has expanded RO membrane sales, production and technical support to help address global water issues. Applications extend from desalination and wastewater reclamation to industrial usage. The aggregate water production capacity of Toray RO membranes is 105 million cubic meters per day, which is equivalent to the water needs of 730 million people.

Providing access to clean water is pivotal to The Toray Group Sustainability Vision, representing a roadmap to the world as envisioned by Toray in 2050 and embodies Toray Vision 2030, through which the group pursues sustainable growth.

Toray will continue to provide RO membranes and other advanced membrane technologies and strengthen technical services to cater to local demand. It will thereby help address water issues in the Middle East and other regions in which industrial and population expansions will likely boost water demand.