Three more Landia pumps to be added for Dalian Xiajiahe Sludge Treatment Project

Landia’s Chopper pumps in Dalian, China

In China’s ‘Pearl of the North’, an additional three stainless steel Landia units have been added at the Dalian Xiajiahe Sludge Treatment Project. This is on top of the 13 Landia Chopper Pumps, which has been in used for the project for almost a decade.

Perched on the Liaodong Peninsula, bordering the Yellow Sea in north-eastern China, the Landia pumps at the treatment plant in Dalian only required a replacement once for its external knife system (at a modest cost), despite operating 12 hours a day in a difficult application for almost 10 years. 

In fact, all its mechanical seals and bearings continue to work without any issues.

Danny Zhang, sales manager at Landia China, commented, “I am very proud to represent Landia in China.”

“Upon inspection at Dalian, for example, our near 10-year old pumps [still] looked like new, sounded like new, and also performed like new pumps – despite so many years of very hard operation.”

Danny Zhang, sales manager, at Landia China

Landia’s Export Sales Director, Thorkild Maagaard, added, “The Dalian Xiajiahe Sludge Treatment Project is a shining example of just how [serious] China is about treating its wastewater properly.  Our pumps are an integral part of an operation that every day handles several hundred tons of trucked-in dewatered sludge from wastewater treatment plants all over the city of Dalian.”

The three new Landia chopper pumps that were added are for the recirculation and pumping of restaurant waste.  Due to the low pH-level of the food waste; the usage of stainless steel pumps is mandatory.

In central China, Landia has also previously supplied 22 pumps and mixers for the Matougang sludge handling facility in Zhengzhou. Four Landia submersibles mix sludge before dewatering, while each of the plant’s 16 digesters utilise an MPTK-I Landia sludge circulation pump (with two further units on standby).

Both the Dalian and Matougang facilities have tanks and digesters supplied by leading tank manufacturer Lipp, whose acclaimed construction method is recognised worldwide for the storage of solid, liquid and gaseous substances.