Three leading water industry experts launch Thales Water Advisors

Water industry experts David Rose, Dr. Rafael Simon, and Dr. Terry Mah have launched Thales Water Advisors, a new strategy and finance consultancy created to help clients navigate the complex water industry. Leveraging decades of experience in water technology, operations, finance and strategy, Thales provides current, comprehensive intelligence that empowers their clients to make focused strategic and tactical decisions. The team’s expansive network of industry experts and proprietary insights on technical and market trends create value for clients through product strategy, technical due diligence, technical advisory, investment strategy, market assessment, and M&A strategy and support.

“Between the founding partners, we know most water industry leaders and have worked with the largest water companies at the C-suite level. We’ve engaged with hundreds of start-ups, built hundreds of plants across every water segment, helped raise hundreds of millions of dollars of capital, supported the buying and selling of dozens of water companies, and worked with and deeply analyzed virtually every water technology,” stated co-founder David Rose, founder of H2O Insights and former SVP Wedbush Securities and Jefferies & Co.

“It’s not about just having the best technology,” commented co-founder Dr. Rafael Simon, Former COO at ZENON Environmental and lead water industry partner at VantagePoint Capital Partners. “Building successful strategies are about the intersection between market trends, unique capabilities, access to customers, and differentiated technologies. While many companies are good at executing their day-to-day activities, they often miss the opportunity to think more broadly about where the overall industry is headed and how they can capitalize on that.”

Thales believes that the best results start with proprietary insights formed through decades of experience. “While we’ve known each other and worked together for years, we feel we are much stronger joining forces in a single firm,” said co-founder, Dr. Terry Mah, former CEO, Veolia North America and COO, Veolia Water Technologies. “Together, along with our network of some of the most successful operational, technical, and visionary leaders in the water industry, we bring to our customers leading insights, unparalleled knowledge and tools, and the ability to rapidly execute complex engagements.”

Based in the US, the Thales team have worked and lived in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East and have a worldwide network of trusted collaborators that bring a global perspective to our clients. Thales Water Advisors is named after the philosopher Thales of Miletus, one of the seven sages of ancient Greece. Thales, credited as the founder of naturalistic theory, considered water as the arche, the primary principle; it is the nature of all things.