The water world reunites at Aquatech Amsterdam 2021

The event looks back on a vibrant week as a reunion for international water professionals.

Having returned in two years and given the chance to finally meet in person, Aquatech Amsterdam 2021 buzzed with exhibitors, speakers, panel discussions, and competitive pipe tapping. Four days of information and interactive show ensured visitors were kept informed, engaged and energised throughout the entire week bumping into old friends and making new valuable connections.

Exhibitors set up their booths, and speakers travelled to the city to give latest news of the innovations they have been working on. Discussions were flowing, debates were enthralling and the technology on show was attractive.

Editha Hoogenberg, director of Aquatech Amsterdam, commented: “Research showed that networking and knowledge exchange was higher on the visitor agenda than ever. Our partners in the hubs, the associations and country pavilions composed an amazing programme covering over 100 topics and serving a cold drink afterwards to relax and encourage those unexpected meetings.”

Some highlights at Aquatech 2021 include:

  • On Monday, the Aquatech Innovation Forum themed Celebrating Water’s Change Makers united innvators, investors, start-ups and utilities.
  • The opening followed by the Innovation Dinner put the Innovation Award winners centre stage. The jury selected as the overall winner of the Aquatech Innovation Award: Autonomic Inspection Robot by Submerge. And the Aquatech Community Award was organised with water tech professionals voted their favourite innovation: Nijhuis Saur Industries & Semilla Sanitation for CLC for decentralised water provision.
  • Four days of Aquatech Amsterdam started on Tuesday with 458 exhibitors awaiting to open doors.
  • The specialty and knowledge hubs on desalination, digital water, industrial water and water quality.

A visitor attendance of 11,474 originating from 106 countries was reached on closing day. When adding to that the exhibitor staff, delegates, simultaneous events etc., the number climbs to a total attendance of 17.949 over the whole week.

Annette Bos, director at Aquatech Global, added: “To do better and more business in-person contact has proven to be priceless. The energy and inspiration off all these different conversations and encounters where tangible and turned this to a unique edition of Aquatech Amsterdam.”

Aquatech Amsterdam 2023 will be starting from 6-9 Nov 2023. The Aquatech Innovation Forum is set for Monday, 6 Nov 2023.