The Water Research Foundation publishes research to inform California’s direct potable reuse regulations

The Water Research Foundation (WRF) has announced the publication of research funded under a US$1.4 million grant from the California State Water Resources Control Board (SWB) to advance protective practices for potable reuse. This research focuses on understanding and managing pathogen risks and chemical peaks in reuse applications. It will be used by the SWB’s division of drinking water to develop direct potable reuse regulations in California by 2023, and ensure the protection of public health.

Peter Grevatt, CEO of The Water Research Foundation, commented: “These crucial findings highlight California’s dedication to water supply resilience and WRF’s capabilities to manage and conduct timely research to protect public health. We are proud to provide this research to SWB so that they can ensure that California enacts the most appropriate regulations for direct potable reuse.”

The findings are also critical for utilities, regulators, and stakeholders across North America and around the world as the implementation of these projects expands. These grant funds were supported by additional funding from key partners, including the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD).

Robert Brownwood, principal engineer and chief of SWB department of drinking water’s programme management branch, concluded: “We are intimately connected to water; it is one of our most precious resources whose value increases in proportion to its purity. This research provides SWB key information for the development of direct potable reuse regulations to ensure the purity of water provided to the public.”