The U.S. EPA and New Mexico Environment Department join forces to fight water pollution

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the United States (U.S.) recently granted the New Mexico Environment Department US$217,660 under section 106 of the Clean Water Act in support of the state’s programme to control water pollution, according to WaterWorld. The funds will assist the state in preventing, reducing, and removing water pollution through compliance, enforcement, monitoring, and setting standards.

“New Mexico has some of [the] nation’s most important environmental resources, and its citizens know and value those resources better than anyone,” EPD Administrator Scott Pruitt said. “That’s why grants that empower states to protect their environment are so important.”

“This grant will help New Mexico protect its waterways from water pollution,” Acting Regional Administrator Sam Coleman added. “Ensuring clean water is fundamental to not only our mission at EPA, but our state partners as well.”

The Clean Water Act offers monetary funding to water pollution control programmes to help them build and sustain effective water quality programmes that ensure the health of the water bodies in question. Its goal is to restore and maintain the biological, chemical, as well as physical integrity of the water in the U.S. Programmes that are covered by the act back assessment, monitoring, prevention, and protection of polluted discharge in waterways.


Source: WaterWorld