The start-up nation is coming together for water

WATEC 2019 will be held on November 18-21, 2019 at the InterContinental David Tel Aviv Hotel, with hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of participants from around the world.

Israel currently exports approximately $2.4 billion in technology and equipment annually, and this figure is climbing. 

This year, the conference will take a different track and will have a different format than in the past, ensuring that it reflects all fields and activity. As in past years, this year there will also be an exhibition that will showcase the activity of the various companies and the latest developments, but at the same time, roundtables will be held on a variety of issues. Among the issues to be examined at the conference: smart water, management of the water economy, handling sewage, data and the politics of water resources.     

Participants in this year’s conference include:

  • Andrew Wheeler – Administrator of the United States Environmental Protection Agency
  • Mina Guli – Water entrepreneur and water advocate
  • Prof. Jay Famiglietti – Hydrologist and Director, Global Institute for Water Security
  • Tracy Minamide – Chief Operating Officer, LA Sanitation
  • Richard Harasick – Head of the Water System, LADWP 

Co-chairmen Oren Blonder of Dorot and Arie Goldfarb of Kando, said, “The fact that the leaders of the water industry are coming to Israel demonstrates the status Israel holds in the field. Our range of activity, from desalination to contamination monitoring and treatment – proves that the potential here is only beginning to emerge. The connection between the Start-Up Nation, the knowledge that has accrued over the years in the water industry, the ethos of making the desert bloom and the global water crisis – have led to initiatives and developments that put Israel on the map.”

This year, the exhibition will be divided into three different parts: an area, where over 160 manufacturers, companies and other organizations will showcase their products and services, a networking area, and WATEC sightseeing.