The KOMAX Sludge Mixer solves anaerobic digestion for wastewater facilities

Komax Systems, Inc., the industry leader in static mixing technology, understands the need for efficient sludge mixing equipment in anaerobic digesters.

Anaerobic digestion and the mixing process
The anaerobic digestion process is influenced by a variety of operation parameters such as sludge rheology, mixing, temperature, solid retention time (SRT), hydraulic retention time (HRT), and solids concentration.  A lack or excessive amount of mixing can lead to poor anaerobic digestion performance. 

Adequate mixing is essential to prevent solid deposits and scum formation in primary digesters.  If mixing is inadequate, the efficiency of digestion and the stability of the product sludge is jeopardised.

Inadequate mixing in anaerobic digesters has important implications for the design and operation of wastewater facilities.

The Komax Hi Pass Sludge Mixer was designed to effectively mix polymer solution into sludge flows prior to the dewatering process

Sludge mixing equipment and anaerobic digestion in wastewater facilities
Anaerobic digestion systems are commonly used in wastewater treatment facilities for sludge degradation and stabilisation.  Sludge mixing equipment used in anaerobic digesters, treat high-strength industrial and food processing wastewater prior to discharge.

Focus on improving the effectiveness of sludge handling to get the most efficient throughput from water treatment plants.

Komax provides the solution
Static mixers are utilised throughout the treatment process to optimise performance, minimise downtime, and maintain plant efficiency. 

The Komax Hi Pass Sludge Mixer was designed to effectively mix polymer solution into sludge flows prior to the dewatering process.  Treatment facilities are experiencing polymer savings in excess of 25%.

This is a non-clogging design as municipal sludge contains solid and fibrous materials of sufficient quantities and types to accumulate and cause fouling or plugging conditions in standard mixers.

The Komax Hi Pass Sludge Mixer is capable of handling mixing municipal sludges with solids content up to 5%.  Individual solid items with a nominal major diameter up to 35% are easily passed through while preventing stapling of stringy materials in the flow.

Unique and customised approach
Komax technology has over 100,000 installations throughout the world, including their range of Static Mixers.  Komax’s unique customised approach to design provides the most effective mixing solutions for new and existing wastewater plants that need a solution for their systems.