The Grundfos Foundation-sponsored Into Dust highlights global water crisis

The film is the latest project by film director, Orlando von Einsiedel, and is now available for streaming on Amazon Prime

The Grundfos Foundation has partnered Academy Award film director, Orlando von Einsiedel, to present Into Dust. This scripted film is based on a true story that brings attention to the value of water by celebrating those who work relentlessly to secure the necessary solutions. The drama-documentary tells the story of Perween Rahman, a woman who sacrificed everything to provide Karachi’s poorest communities with clean, safe water.

While Into Dust focuses on one woman’s heroic effort to fight the injustice of poor communities having to pay high prices for water that is rightfully theirs, it is set against the backdrop of a global water crisis. In fact, cities all over the world face major water stress in the coming years unless action is taken. Major cities that are expected to experience water stress by 2030 include San Francisco, Houston, Rio de Janeiro, Madrid, Rome, London, Tel Aviv, Durban, Cape Town, Tokyo, Beijing, Manila, Jakarta, Sydney, Melbourne and many more.

Poul Due Jensen, group president and CEO of Grundfos, commented: “The Foundation and Grundfos both want to play a vital role in solving the world’s water and climate challenges. All stakeholders need to contribute to ensure that we solve the water crisis and live up to our obligations.”

Commenting on the film, von Einsiedel said: “This is a story that really spoke to me on multiple levels and we thought, how can we pay tribute to Perween Rahman’s extraordinary life and work, whilst also making a film that sparks a conversation about the global water crisis. We stepped away from a traditional documentary format to tell a docudrama story that we hope people can emotionally connect to. What we also wanted to show is that when water starts to become scarce, it doesn’t just mean the taps are going dry. The effects are felt through all aspects of society – social, economic, political and environmental.”

Into Dust is available for streaming on Amazon Prime.