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Danfoss Drives recognises and addresses the megatrends affecting the world today. Through their innovative technology, the company ensures customers are getting the most out of their drives and applications. Krisada Phetsuksiri, head of Asia-Pacific and India regions at Danfoss Drives, shares how the company is able to help professionals to optimise their engineering tasks in the most demanding installations.

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Danfoss Drives is 100% focused on developing, manufacturing and supply AC drives.

So why particularly AC drives?

Krisada Phetsuksiri, head of Asia-Pacific and India regions of Danfoss Drives, explained: “The main benefits of using AC drives in the water and wastewater industry are process control and energy savings. Process control wherein the produced output is matched according to the demand.”

For instance, a motor driving a water pump is supplying water to a community. In the morning where people are using water to cook, take a bath, and other activities, the demand for water is high. It is the opposite for the night when people are sleeping. However, the motor and pump are still running at 100% even when the demand is less than 50%.

“This is where the process control of AC drives becomes useful because it reduces the speed of the motor to match production based on the demand, which in this case the usage of water. By reducing speed of the motor, energy savings is achieved significantly as well,” said Phetsuksiri.

“By reducing the speed of motor and pump by 20%, an energy savings of 50% is achieved. Beside this, AC drives are the key component in implementing pressure management in drinking water systems, offering typically 40% reduction in leakage from the pipe network and so offering a major contribution to fight water scarcity.”

Pang Yanrong is senior editor for Water & Wastewater Asia.

The full article is published on the latest edition of Water & Wastewater Asia May/Jun 2021 issue. To continue reading the article, click here.