The Bureau of Reclamation selected two projects in California for Water Use Efficiency grants

Recently, The Bureau of Reclamation disclosed the selection of two projects in California, United States (U.S.) to receive US$1.5 million in CALFED Water Use Efficiency grants for the fiscal year 2017. When combined with local cost-share contributions, these projects are expected to bring about US$6.9 million in water management improvements over the next two years.

The projects will conserve an estimated 733 acre-feet (904 megalitres) of water annually, which will, in turn, contribute to the CALFED Bay-Delta Programme objectives of improving the health of the ecosystem, reliability of water supply, as well as water quality. California and federal agencies are partners in the 30-year programme, which will last from 2000 to 2030.

The Bureau made the selection through a competitive process, giving priority to projects that address CALFED goals on a state-wide basis.

The Santa Margarita Water District will receive US$750,000. The existing 3A Water Reclamation Plant will be expanded to provide up to 3,000 acre-feet (3,700 megalitres) of recycled water a year along with energy savings. Annual water savings will be 390 acre-feet (481 megalitres) per year, and lifetime water savings will be 19,500 acre-feet (24,052.8 megalitres).

Similarly, the Semitropic Water Storage District will receive US$750,000. The district will install a 1.5-mile (2.4 kilometre) long, 30 cubic feet per second, 36-inch (91.4 centimetre) diameter, bi-directional, intertie pipeline. The intertie pipeline will allow the conveyance of surface water supplies to spreading ground facilities located in Semitropic and the adjacent Shafter-Wasco Irrigation District to be more efficient. Annual water savings will be 343 acre-feet (423 megalitres) per year, and lifetime water savings will be 17,000 acre-feet (20,969 megalitres).