Technical innovation in mixing and agitation processes

With the SAFOMI IEC adapter for MAXXDRIVE® industrial gear units from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS, the number of components required for mixer applications can be reduced while increasing operational reliability

NORD MAXXDRIVE® industrial gear units are an excellent choice for use in large mixers. With the SAFOMI adapter, NORD is presenting a technical innovation in this field of application: a flange with an integrated oil expansion tank, increasing operational reliability and requiring fewer wearing parts. MAXXDRIVE® industrial gear units have been part of the NORD product range for more than ten years and have proven themselves in countless applications throughout the world. They offer high output torques from 15 to 250 kNm and ensure smooth operation even under demanding conditions.

NORD MAXXDRIVE® industrial gear units ensure reliable operation in industries using mixing and agitation processes even under extreme conditions. The FEM-optimised and compact design enables operation under ultimate external loads. The extensive MAXXDRIVE® modular system provides many options for tailored solutions. For agitator applications, the MAXXDRIVE® industrial gear units can be equipped with a SAFOMI IEC adapter. SAFOMI is the abbreviation for Sealless Adapter For Mixers. This special IEC adapter combines the functions of a standard IEC adapter and an oil expansion tank in a single component. SAFOMI is available for parallel gear units and in the sizes 7 to 11, i.e. for maximum output torques from 25 to 75 kNm. The compact combination of MAXXDRIVE® industrial gear units, SAFOMI IEC adapter and drive motor is the best choice for mixer and agitator applications to reduce wearing parts and attached components.

Less effort, more operational reliability
The SAFOMI IEC adapter has a compact and simple design, and is equipped with an integrated oil expansion volume. Oil tanks and hoses as well as the radial shaft seal subject to leakage and wear between gear unit and IEC cylinder are not required. As standard, the combination of parallel gear unit and SAFOMI-IEC adapter is only installed in installation position M5, i.e. with an output shaft pointing downwards. The change to an SAFOMI-IEC adapter instead of the standard IEC adapter on the agitator drive increases operational reliability and lowers maintenance costs. The oil level as well as the required oil volume is lower and thanks to missing attached components, the installation space is also reduced.