Tapflo introduces electrically-operated AODD pumps

Swedish pump manufacturer, Tapflo has launched an eco-friendly version of the traditional AODD pump, an electrically operated double diaphragm pump (EODD) based on the original diaphragm pump technology.

The EODD pump has an almost identical design of the wetted side as the company’s standard AODD pump so it has the same features and most of the spare parts are the same. It is powered by an efficient electrical drive (IE3 class) and can distribute liquids with temperatures of up to 110° C and flow rates up to 220 l/min.

The company says that all Tapflo pumps are made from high-quality materials and are suitable for dealing with chemicals, surface conditioning, pulp and paper industries, water treatment and a wide range of hygienic applications. The EODD pumps are designed for applications that require low pulsation or as an energy-saving alternative to air operated diaphragm pumps.