Syrinix appoints SAFEgroup Automation as Australian Distributor

Syrinix has announced the appointment of SAFEgroup Automation as the exclusive distributor of the Syrinix range of solutions in Australia.

The partnership underlines the need for Syrinix’s technology, as requirements grow for remote smarter monitoring to improve operational efficiency and build long-term resilience within Australian water networks. Syrinix join SAFEgroup Automation as one of its key vendor partnerships.

James Dunning, CEO Syrinix stated, “Building on the work we have already done in Australia, working with SAFEgroup Automation gives us the opportunity to extend the reach of Syrinix technology. Our comprehensive approach to monitoring provides the insight required for utilities to make operational changes to reduce leaks and bursts and generally take a much more informed approach to network management.”

Adam Simpson, Smart Utilities Project Manager from SAFEgroup Automation added, “SAFEgroup Automation is proud to have partnered with a future-focused company such as Syrinix. As exclusive distributor of the Syrinix range of solutions in Australia, we are excited to add to our Smart Utility portfolio, enabling our clients to capture unique data, develop new insights, and make significant cost saving decisions for their water and wastewater networks.”