Symrise tops in Carbon Disclosure Project’s sustainability ratings out of 18,700 companies

Germany-based group Symrise has achieved the top A grade twice for its efforts to protect water and forests, and A minus for climate protection in the non-profit Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)’s yearly sustainability ratings in 2022.

Out of a record number of 18,700 companies participating globally and on a scale of A to D, distinctions were given to 103 companies in the water security category, a critical component in the food and beverage (F&B) industry.

CDP seal 2022 for Symrise (Image: Symrise)

With this assessment which examines how companies deal with climate risks and data completeness, CDP raises the bar in parallel to current developments, such as new scientific discoveries or market requirements.

Symrise uses a holistic approach for its corporate strategy with climate protection as a key role. Starting in 2030, it wants to run its operations climate-positive, meaning Symrise will prevent or sequester more greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere than it produces through operating activities. Furthermore, the entire supply chain, including raw materials produced by suppliers, is intended to be climate-neutral by 2045.

Water protection forms an integral part of the corporate strategy. Symrise intends to optimise its consumption of freshwater resources around the world, focusing on destinations with high water stress levels such as Egypt, Spain, India, and Mexico. In 2021, the group reduced its water consumption in these countries by 12% compared to 2020.

“Effectively protecting the climate, water and forests will enable us to continue to operate sustainably in the future,” said Bernhard Kott, Symrise’s chief sustainability officer. “We are delighted by this renewed distinction which motivates us continue on this path.”