Symrise gets top CDP marks for climate and water protection

German chemicals company Symrise ranked high in the recent sustainability rating issued by international nonprofit organisation CDP, which recognises the company for its environmental transparency in protecting the climate. It has awarded Symrise with two ratings of ‘A’ in climate change and water protection and one ‘A-’ at leadership level, making it one of the few companies worldwide to receive these ratings as a record number of 21,000 companies worldwide were assessed — an increase of 24% compared to the previous year.

“Sustainability has always formed a part of our corporate strategy in all processes along the value chain,” said Bernhard Kott, Symrise CSO. By 2030, the company aims to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) so that it is able to be climate-neutral. The CDP rating focuses on the transparency and measurability of sustainability activities. New scientific findings and changing market requirements ensure that CDP regularly raises the bar. Financial institutions worldwide use CDP rating to invest in and promote a sustainable economy.

“We source almost 80% of our raw materials from nature and are constantly look for new sustainable technologies for a green product life cycle,” added Kott. “We are also setting ourselves ambitious targets for implementation that go beyond the legal requirements.” In addition to reducing GHGs in production, the sustainable use of water resources forms a key area of action in company’s corporate strategy. Symrise considers the availability of fresh, high-quality water a human right. A recovery process is also intended to reduce water consumption, focusing on countries such as Egypt, Spain, and Mexico.

“We place value on technologies so that we can produce in line with our goals that protects water resources and safeguards access to drinking water,” added Helmut Frieden, vice-president of corporate sustainability. “We are delighted that water conservation have once again been recognised alongside climate protection by the CDP’s stringent review process.”

Symrise achieves CDP ‘A’ listing for commitment to environmental transparency (Image: Symrise)