Sweden adopts innovative Royal HaskoningDHV’s Nereda wastewater treatment technology

The current wastewater treatment facility in the municipality of Strömstad, a proactive municipality that is always ready to turn to innovation. Photo credit: Royal HaskoningDHV

Strömstad is not only well-known in Sweden as a proactive municipality that is always ready to turn to innovation whenever it comes to upgrading and improving its infrastructure, but it is also an increasingly popular holiday destination for tourists – with populations in the town more than doubling during the summer months.

Due to the booming population in the summer seasons, the municipality, found close to the Norwegian border, needed a new plant in order to manage the wide variance of wastewater volume throughout the year, as well as remain operational and efficient during the harsh Swedish winters. Additionally, Strömstad was looking for the most competitively-priced solutions in regards to the facility’s initial construction and operational costs over its lifetime.

“We needed to increase the capacity of its wastewater treatment works while reducing the operational costs and the energy consumption,” Jerry Johansson, the one responsible for the wastewater plant in the municipality of Strömstad, said. “Several different types of wastewater treatment technology were considered before begin rejected in favour of Nereda, which is a natural sewage treatment process that purifies water without chemicals by using the patented aerobic granular sludge technology.”

The municipality of Strömstad selected Nereda’s Royal HaskoningDHV’s Nereda® technology as their preferred solution, a first for the wastewater treatment industry in Sweden.

“This technology has been tried and tested all over the world, from hot and arid conditions in South Africa to very cold winters in Poland so we knew that low temperatures in Sweden would not present a problem,” Project Manager of Royal HaskoningDHV, Bert Bakker, said. “It also can easily adapt between high and low volumes of wastewater. When it comes to long term running costs, Nereda is so efficient, particularly in terms of energy consumption, that it was by far the most competitive solution.”

The construction phase of the project has already begun, with the facility scheduled to be ready for use by June 2018. The municipality of Strömstad has also appointed Econet Vatten & Miljöteknik as their supplier to deliver and install all the mechanical equipment needed.


Source: Royal HaskoningDHV