SWA and SEC jointly spur sustainability efforts among Singapore water sector

The Singapore Environment Council (SEC) has sealed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Singapore Water Association (SWA), marking the first step in advancing the sustainability agenda for Singapore water’s sector. Under the MoU, both organisations will work towards sustainable development for enhancing the republic’s water ecosystem, which has anchored Singapore as a global hydrohub and a model city for integrated water management.

Declaring blue is the new green, Isabella Huang-Loh, chairman of the Singapore Environment Council, highlighted that SEC will assist SWA members enhance their individual capability and capacity building required to jumpstart innovations and sustainable development. The collaboration will also provide a suite of training and standards processes for SEC’s validation and certification.

“As Singapore progresses towards becoming a zero-waste nation, carbon neutrality by our industries play a critical role in achieving this goal,” she continued. “With multi-ministry approaches to help SWA take advantage of the S$50 million SG Eco Fund to support the co-creation of solutions for a sustainable Singapore, financial institutions and other agencies are also facilitating green financing packages.”

The MoU will see both organisations develop the framework of collaborations across several areas. For instance, SEC will conduct regular physical or virtual training and sharing sessions on eco-certifications and green financing for SWA members, and participate as a panellist for SWA award on topics related to environmental sustainability and strengthen the criteria accordingly. More particularly, both organisations will jointly encourage and assist SWA members to secure SEC’s certifications over the next 18 months, and assist in respective members outreach and education for any sustainability events and projects.

Charles Quek, vice-president, general affairs, SWA, added that SWA aims to continue creating a buzz for the water cluster despite the challenges and set sustainability goals in steering towards a circular business economy.

To this end, SWA has formed the Sustainability Task Force last February to steer drive industry growth in terms of digitalisation, capabilities and sustainability. The objective, Quek explained, is to secure projects in adjacent industries and grow business beyond Singapore by creating awareness amongst SWA members on sustainability, enhancing sustainability related skills amongst the water professionals and expanding business into the water-food-energy nexus area.