Sustainable water management solutions in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Water Forum 2019 was held in Riyadh from 17 to 19 March under the slogan “Sustainable Water… for Sustainable Development”, sponsored by the Ministry of the Environment, Water and Agriculture of the Kingdom, H.E. Eng. Abdulrahman bin Abdulmohsen Al-Fadley, with the noteworthy presence of Aqualia at the congress and in the associated exhibition hall.

Carlos Varela, technical department manager at Aqualia participated in a session on reuse and recycling “Treated Water Technologies and Uses” with his speech “Selection Criteria for Treated Water Technologies Depending on the Final Use of the Water”. Varela discussed the different existing reuse and recycling technologies and the criteria set forth to select a specific technology according to different factors, such as the quality of reused and recycled water required, the surface area required for the implementation of this technology or the capital (CAPEX) and operating costs (OPEX) required.

Likewise, Aqualia had a corporate stand in an exhibition hall adjacent to the forum hall, in which visitors could learn about its vast experience in the Middle East and in which the company showcased its many different water infrastructure and service management projects, covering the end-to-end water cycle.

Over 900 people attended the forum, which focused on the role of private entities in the development of water cycle infrastructures and on the need to develop technologies and policies aimed at making water resources sustainable.