SurfCleaner lands first South America deal with Aeration Argentina

SurfCleaner has landed its first South American deal after securing a contract with industrial plant operator Aeration Argentina.

The Swedish firm, which developed the skimmer separator technology, helps recover contaminants from water sources – including oil, diesel, petrol, plastics, sludge and other pollutants. While its core role involves water treatment, collecting and separating contaminants, it also improves green credentials by reducing VOC emissions and carbon footprints while supporting the circular economy.

Its latest deal with Aeration Argentina not only catapults SurfCleaner into the Americas, but also marks its first major contract supporting the steel manufacturing sector, potentially opening the doors to Aeration’s broader steel plant network across Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador and the US.

Two SCO 8000 machines will be supplied under the initial agreement, which could later see SurfCleaner’s devices included in Aeration Argentina’s plant operations protocol, becoming its solutions for water treatment services.

Stefan Wall Qvist, vice-president, international sales, SurfCleaner, said: “Our devices have huge potential across industrial sectors, not least steel manufacturing plants where our machines are placed in vast wastewater lagoons, helping remove and separate oil for resale to other industries. Alternative approaches include the use of their weir skimmers which collect the oil but crucially do not perform an effective job separating the water content. This means the residue is classified as hazardous waste and requires careful disposal.

“SurfCleaner devices reduce that oily-water waste by around 80pc, not only creating a re-sellable product but also reinforcing safety measures by limiting VOC emissions. The systems are entirely automatic which further reduces man hours, along with comprehensive reporting for remote monitoring.”