SUEZ ZeeWeed 1000 ultrafiltration membranes selected for largest tertiary UF plant in Israel

SUEZ ZeeWeed 1000 Ultrafiltration (UF) Membranes have been selected, based on an international bidding process, for use in the largest tertiary ultrafiltration system in Israel. The new installation, designed as part of a process upgrade of the Sorek Wastewater Treatment Plant, will help protect an environmentally sensitive site at which space is a premium. The Jerusalem Wastewater Purification Enterprises selected the ZeeWeed 1000 Next Generation Cassette (NGC) system because it produces a very high flow rate of high-quality water in a very small footprint.

“The ZeeWeed system helps us to meet stringent environmental requirements established by the Ministry of Health and the Water Authority, while at the same time providing a cost-effective solution that could operate in a small footprint,” said Amos Kalagy, CEO of the Jerusalem Wastewater Purification Enterprises company. “The fact we can do all of this without, or minimizing the use of chemical disinfectants makes this an ideal technology for our project.”

Wastewater in Israel is commonly treated and reused for agricultural irrigation, so a high-quality effluent is critical. Ultrafiltration membranes provide effluent of very low turbidity and suspended solids, which significantly reduces the need for chemical disinfectants. By avoiding chemical disinfection, wastewater treatment plants reduce the risk associated with chemical disinfection by-products such as trichloromethanes (THMs), a probable carcinogen, as well as saving the costs of buying, storing, and shipping chemicals.

The area around the wastewater treatment plant is a popular hiking destination. Engineers on the project wanted to avoid locating the installation in an area that would be visible by hikers. Using ZeeWeed 1000 allows the Jerusalem Wastewater Purification Enterprises to construct the plant on an extremely small footprint, minimizing excavation of a nearby hill, and preserving open space for a future expansion.

“The ZeeWeed membrane is a great fit for projects like the Sorek Wastewater Treatment Plant because it can help them meet both environmental and economic goals,” said Kevin Cassidy, executive vice president for SUEZ – Water Technologies & Solutions. “The membrane produces a high-quality effluent and it has the added benefit of a low lifecycle cost.”

The full ZeeWeed 1000 system, which will process 115 MLD (30 MGD) on average and 185 MLD (49 MGD) at its peak, will be delivered in 2020. The deal also includes, engineering services, technical services, and plant monitoring for ten years.