SUEZ wins €72 million contract to improve water distribution services for the City of Mangalore

SUEZ has won the contract for the extension, rehabilitation and operation of the drinking water distribution system of the entire city of Mangalore, located 350 kilometres away from Bengaluru, the capital city of the State of Karnataka. This 11,5-year contract, worth €72 million (S$108.7 million) for SUEZ, will ensure a 24/7 water supply for the city’s 550,000 inhabitants.

Mangalore is a large port city on the West Coast of India and a development hub for oil & gas, petrochemical and iron ore industries. It is one of the 108 Smart Cities designated by the Indian government to host technologies related to mobility, renewable energy, water and waste management to shape the Indian city of tomorrow. The new contract won by SUEZ is part of this policy. The objective of this 24/7 water supply project, financed by the Asian Development Bank, is to upgrade the entire distribution system to cater to demand as per the needs of the year 2036.

The project includes the extension, rehabilitation and operation of the drinking water distribution system (tanks, water network, house connections, meters, valves, etc.) which covers an area of 132km2, including 96,300 connections and a 2,148-kilometre water distribution network. The works, which will last three years, cover the design and laying of 1,388-kilometre of drinking water network and the design and construction of a filter house, clear water sump and pumping stations. This works phase will be followed by an eight-year period of operation and maintenance of the entire drinking water distribution system. SUEZ will also be responsible for improving the network’s performance, water quality and customer service through the creation of a 24/7 call centre and customer agencies to provide a personal service and efficient resolution of requests and complaints.