SUEZ wins contract with British Steel to improve asset protection

The steel manufacturer selects SUEZ as its partner to help improve asset protection, reduce water consumption, and energy spend at its integrated steel plant in Europe.

SUEZ Water Technologies and Solutions has been awarded a chemical and monitoring service contract by British Steel, an integrated steel manufacturer owned by Jingye Group, to improve the company’s environmental footprint and compliance at its integrated steel plant in Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire, UK.

The former will provide chemicals, services, and digital solutions for cooling water, boiler water, and wastewater treatment that will improve automation and offer better transparency into chemical usage, water quality for reuse potential, and wastewater clarification. Combined, these services and solutions will help to reduce the facility’s water consumption, reduce energy spend, and improve water quality for reuse.

SUEZ’s cooling water treatment offers cooling water scale and corrosion inhibitors, some biocides, full legionella treatment, and a TrueSense unit, which works with SUEZ’s InSight software to help optimise operations and use less makeup water. Boiler water treatment serves all conditioning chemicals needed for boilers, providing reliability for stream-generating systems. For wastewater treatment, this includes all required coagulants, polymers, and membrane pretreatment chemicals for the steelmaker’s reverse osmosis system.

Edward Arnott, operations director, energy, British Steel, concluded: “We’re focused on improving our asset protection and environmental performance, and with water playing such an important role in the steelmaking process, it’s important we have first-class systems in place to manage our water quality and develop new and improved ways of working.”