SUEZ wins contract to manage sewage treatment infrastructure in Lucknow, India

SUEZ has won the contract to manage the entire sewer network and wastewater treatment plants in Lucknow, the capital city of India’s largest State (Uttar Pradesh) and its 2.8 million inhabitants. Worth €98.3 million (SG $148.437 million), this contract includes the 10-year operation and maintenance of 1.6 kilometres of sewer network, three Wastewater Treatment Plants and eight Sewage Pumping Stations. It is the first time in India that a single service provider will manage all the sewer infrastructure in a city, thus optimising wastewater treatment.

The objective of this project is to improve the water quality of Gomti River, a tributary of the Ganges, by treating all wastewater flowing into the river. This contract is part of the Ganges Clean-Up programme (Namami Ganga) which aims to improve the quality of water in the river and its tributaries by stopping untreated wastewater discharge from cities along these rivers.

The city of Lucknow is equipped with eight major pumping stations of wastewater feeding to three wastewater treatment plants (14,000, 42,000, and 345,000 m3/day). In order to optimise the maintenance of over 1.6 km of underground sewer network, SUEZ will deploy, for the first time in India, a fully mechanised network cleaning system. The Group will also provide real-time network operation service, with the latest innovations for Advanced Asset Management, Inspection and Emergency Response planning.

“Protecting water sources (rivers, streams, groundwater…) from pollution caused by the discharge of untreated wastewater is a major health and environmental challenge in India. We are proud to be associated with State Mission for Clean Ganga Lucknow and Uttar Pradesh State in their will to provide better sanitation services to the city’s 2.8 million residents. This contract allows us to offer local authorities a new service, that is crucial for the preservation of the natural environment and the long-term future of the urban lifestyle.” said Ana Giros, Senior Executive VP Group in charge of the International Division.