SUEZ wins a new contract in China

SUEZ NWS has formed a joint-venture with its local partners to finance, build and operate the hazardous waste energy recovery unit (ERU) in the Hekou Blue Economy Chemical Industry Park in Dongying. With a total capacity of 60,000 tons/year, the facility will provide treatment services for 24 types of hazardous waste for industries located in the park and in Dongying city. The plant will be built in two stages. Phase I, with a capacity of 30,000 tons/year, will break ground in 2020 and be commissioned by 2021.  Phase II will double the plant’s capacity to reach 60,000 tons/year.

The facility will be designed and built according to EU air emissions standards. Once Phase I of the project is commissioned, 89,400 tons of steam will be produced and supplied each year to the park’s industrial customers. This is equivalent to saving 12,000 tons of standard coal per year, thus limiting greenhouse gas emissions.

Bertrand Camus, CEO of SUEZ, said, “This contract strengthens our partnership with Dongying and illustrates our shared commitment towards sustainable growth. SUEZ aims to become the world leader in environmental services, by investing notably in technologies that meet the environmental challenges of local authorities and industries. The hazardous waste recovery project in Dongying is a successful example of Sino-French cooperation.”