SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions debuts mobile app for water and wastewater plant operators

SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions today unveiled a new mobile app, ModuleTrac, for water treatment plant operators to track, monitor and analyse their ZeeWeed ultrafiltration membranes. The app is the latest offering in SUEZ’s set of digital solutions, which aim to improve customer operations and outcomes using data and analytics.

ModuleTrac drives efficiency and productivity for drinking water and wastewater treatment plant operators by simplifying data collection and record-keeping activities related to ZeeWeed membranes. It also provides enhanced visibility into data at the module, cassette and train levels through InSight, a secure Asset Performance Management (APM) solution for monitoring and optimising water treatment systems.

The ModuleTrac app uses an operator’s mobile device to scan and track the location and maintenance history of ZeeWeed membranes using a unique bar code placed on each module. This information is then fed into InSight, which analyses, archives and reports on the data at a train, cassette or module level. From there, users can view data, run reports and create graphics and charts to monitor and optimise their water treatment systems.

ModuleTrac can help users:

  • Simplify the tracking and analysing of module repair history
  • Organise information into one, easy-to-use application – eliminating the need for multiple manual spreadsheets
  • Understand the best and least-performing modules
  • Uncover the root cause of issues and their location relationships

Available for iOS and Android devices, the app also utilises an “offline” mode to capture data without an internet connection, offering users additional flexibility to work anytime, anywhere.

“Knowledge is power, and big data takes it to the next level. ModuleTrac is a first-of-its-kind app for SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions, and by utilising the InSight APM system, water treatment plant managers can get a comprehensive view of ZeeWeed and how it is functioning inside the facility,” Kevin Cassidy, global leader, engineered systems – SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions, said.