SUEZ strengthens its presence in China

SUEZ NWS has signed, through its joint venture Jiangsu Sino French Water, a concession contract to build the wastewater treatment plant and operate, for a duration of 30 years, the plant and the sewer network in Chengdong area, Changshu, China. The contract is worth a total of €413 million (US$479.9 million).

SUEZ NWS also won the operation and maintenance contract for the waste treatment plant in the Jianghe Tianrong area. These contracts strengthen the presence of SUEZ NWS in Changshu, where the Group is active since 2006 in the supply of drinking water and the treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater.

Jiangsu Sino French Water will be responsible for the investment, design, construction, operation and maintenance of the wastewater treatment plant of Chengdong district. It will also be in charge of the operation and maintenance of the sewage network and pump stations. The Phase I of construction of the plant will start this year and be operational by 2021 with a capacity of 60,000 m³ a day. A second phase will double the capacity of the plant to reach 120,000 m³ per day by 2023. This contract is in line with the local government’s ambition to increase the wastewater treatment capacities and improve sanitation services in Changshu.


Scheme of the wastewater treatment plant in Chengdong area, Changshu

SUEZ NWS also won, through a joint-venture, the operation and maintenance contract of the waste treatment plant, with a daily capacity of over 2,000 tons, located in the Jianghe Tianrong area. The JV is in charge of the transfer and disposal of construction and demolition waste, industrial waste and domestic waste produced in Jianghe Tianrong. The JV will sort, crush and sift the construction and demolition waste in order to meet the reutilisation rate over 70 per cent set by the city of Changshu.

“Changshu’s partnership with SUEZ NWS in water development has generated significant social and economic impact. In addition to the water supply and wastewater treatment activities, the two partners have further expanded their partnership in waste management,” Lu Jijun, Vice Mayor of Changshu, said. “I believe that with a shared commitment to the environment, we will be able to speed up the adoption of an integrated water supply and drainage solution in Changshu, which will provide strong support for a livable city and economic growth.”

“These two new contracts strengthen our partnership with the city of Changshu and are another testament to our shared commitment to circular economy and sustainable development,” said Bertrand Camus, Senior Executive VP of SUEZ in charge of Africa, Middle East, India, Asia and Pacific. “Already committed in the supply of 875,000 m³ of water and the treatment of 140,000 m³ of wastewater daily, we now support the local authorities in their waste management, thus contributing to the development of a sustainable urban environment.”

SUEZ NWS is active in Changshu since 2006 through Jiangsu Sino French Water that already invested approximately RMB 1.5 billion in drinking water supply and the treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater for over two million residents as well as industrial and commercial customers in Changshu.