SUEZ strengthens its activities in Sweden

SUEZ was awarded two new contracts in Sweden to support advanced recycling schemes in two municipalities for an amount of €70 million (US$81.76 million), but also a first remediation contract. With a full value chain approach, SUEZ expands its presence in the country as it now brings its expertise in common and hazardous waste management.


Two contracts for municipal waste management

The Group will provide services in advanced recycling schemes to Malmö and Växjö in order to continuously increase recycling and recovery rates. Indeed, every household will sort waste into nine different fractions.

In line with this extended service, SUEZ will collect the different fractions with special 4-compartment collection vehicles. This will maximise recycling and recovery of municipal solid waste boosting collection and transforming them into secondary raw materials.

These trucks will also optimise the logistics and reduce the CO2 emissions. These major contracts, to start in 2019 for a period of 7 and 9 years including 2-year extensions, will bring service to approximately 250 000 inhabitants.


A first remediation contract

In Anderstorp, located in the Gislaved municipality, the activities of a former paint factory have caused soil and water pollution. Indeed, the local authorities have launched the remediation of the site, in order to prevent the spread of pollutants in the area. SUEZ will set up and manage a water treatment unit onsite. This equipment will treat groundwater for a 4-year period.


The supply of equipment for Stockholm wastewater treatment plant

In order to meet the demands of a growing population and new environmental requirements, Stockholm Vatten och Avfall, the City’s company in charge of water and waste management, is tasked to both expanding the capacity of the Henriksdal municipal wastewater facility and producing effluent of higher quality. This plant is responsible for treating two thirds of the municipal wastewater for the city of Stockholm. Once the upgrade undertaken by the City is complete, it will process up to 864,000m³ a day.

It is also one of the world’s largest treatment plants located inside a rock. With over 18 kilometers of tunnels blasted into the rock structure, this presents a huge challenge to expand it in the same relative footprint. These drivers steered Stockholm Vatten och Avfall to select SUEZ’s technologies. It will provide membrane bioreactor (MBR) equipment.

In an integrated approach, the Group also supports the City with waste management services, such as recycling schemes for waste from the household recycling facilities in Stockholm City and as a key supplier of municipal solid waste collection service contracts within the capital area.

We are thrilled to take part to these projects alongside Swedish municipalities, providing innovative solutions and tailor-made services in line with high recycling and water quality standards,” Jean-Louis Chaussade ,CEO of SUEZ. “These initiatives enhance the environmental policy of Sweden, already exemplary on these challenges.”