SUEZ NWS recognised among China’s top 10 most influential water companies for 17th consecutive year

On 8 May, SUEZ NWS came in fourth place in the 2019 Top Ten Most Influential Water Companies in China rankings. The league table is highly acclaimed within the water industry. The accolade sees SUEZ NWS becoming the only foreign company to have achieved the prestigious ranking for 17 consecutive years since the list’s inception. The award is a resounding testament to the broad recognition of the Company’s core values. 

The Top 10 Most Influential Water Companies in China Award is organised by the E20 Environment Platform, which rates water companies by selection criteria that include the total and incremental capacity of projects they fund and operate, among the other criteria of dynamic market influence, integrated service capabilities, market position, activeness, strategic core competitiveness, involvement in charitable causes, brand reputation and influence. The selection is made through a rigorous review process by a panel of jurors that includes representatives of E20, industry analysts, experts, journalists, and online influencers. 

Steve Clark, CEO of SUEZ Asia, said, “Today, I am delighted to see SUEZ being placed among the upper echelons of the Top 10 Most Influential Companies in China’s Water Industry for the 17th consecutive year. China is now one of the most important international markets for SUEZ. When SUEZ first entered China, we were considered a European pioneer. We are now one of the leading environmental companies in the country, bringing sustainable services to over 32 million Chinese people. Our desire to create mutually beneficial outcomes is a key reason why SUEZ is one of the most successful foreign enterprises in the Chinese environment business. We also place great importance on fostering Chinese talents. Currently we have over 8,000 employees in China, of which 99% are Chinese. These staff are recognised within the SUEZ Group as strong managers and key experts.” 

Strong commitment to China’s long-term development
Since establishing a foothold in China some 40 years ago, SUEZ has remained committed to preserving and restoring the fundamental elements of the environment – water, soil and air – through strong operational, managerial expertise and its consistent emphasis on corporate social responsibility. In its 10-year global strategic plan, “Shaping SUEZ 2030”, SUEZ is looking to grow in key international markets where it has a strong presence. China is one of the strongest growth markets, especially after COVID-19, which has raised the awareness of the environment even higher and the expectations of the Chinese citizens will continue to force further improvements and business opportunities for companies such as SUEZ. Looking ahead, the Company will prioritise its business development in three areas: 

  • Waste sector: Hazardous waste management is a key area. Currently, SUEZ has built and operated nine hazardous plants in Mainland China. The goal is to have two new projects every year and to recycle waste material for reuse, or to produce energy and soil remediation. 
  • Industrial sector: The water sector in China still presents significant growth potential, especially considering strong demand from the industries. With the synergies from the GE Water acquisition, SUEZ will grow further in this important sector to meet China’s strong demand from industry. 
  • Smart solutions: For conventional municipal water services, smart water solutions will become the new growth engine. In this regard, SUEZ is different from technology vendors in that they not only offer technologies, but also have tremendous operational expertise which allows them to better adapt and optimise the smart solutions for operational efficiency. To deliver more smart solutions to customers, SUEZ will increase its investments in R&D, innovation, and digitisation by 50% by 2023. 

“Once again, a big thank you to the E20, our customers, and partners for your continued recognition of SUEZ. I believe environmental sustainability should not be a goal for a single person, organisation or group. It’s important that we all act now, in partnership, to shape a better and more sustainable future for future generations,” added Steve Clark, CEO of SUEZ Asia.