SUEZ introduces new UF rackless membrane system

SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions today announced a new ultrafiltration (UF) rackless membrane system, the ZeeWeed 700B-RMS. When compared to most rack types, the required footprint needed for installation is reduced and the cost of the system is lowered since there is no need for a steel rack or feed, permeate or reject pipes. This product targets both industrial and municipal applications as its innovative design reduces cost and footprint without compromising quality or performance.

SUEZ’s ZeeWeed 700B-RMS provides one of the largest surface area modules on the market, which allows customers greater treatment capacity in the same footprint. The integrated header concept in the ZeeWeed 700B-RMS makes upgrading existing systems simple by replacing the module and rack to gain added treatment capacity.

SUEZ’s ZeeWeed 700B-RMS inside-out UF membranes can be used for drinking water, seawater reverse osmosis pre-treatment and tertiary treatment for water reuse. They are suitable for both new and retrofit water treatment projects.

“SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions has a long history of offering solutions for the toughest industrial, commercial and municipal water challenges. Our new ZeeWeed 700B-RMS continues that tradition and provides plant operators the advantage of water treatment with a smaller footprint and less capital cost,” said Kevin Cassidy, global leader, engineered systems, SUEZ—Water Technologies & Solutions.

The new ZeeWeed 700B-RMS is an upgrade to the existing ZeeWeed 700B membrane system. The RMS benefits from the proven strength of the SevenBore* fiber and increased membrane surface area which results in reduced footprint and costs.

*Trademark of SUEZ; may be registered in one or more countries.

The ZeeWeed 700B-RMS is SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions’ new ultrafiltration rackless membrane system.