SUEZ introduces new PFAS testing capacity at analytical lab in Texas

SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions has expanded its per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) service offerings in Tomball, Texas, the US. With a new capability to analyse water samples for ultra-low, trace levels of PFAS, SUEZ can now identify the specific types of PFAS present in its customers’ water, then create a customised treatment plan to remediate the contamination.

SUEZ’s lab uses the same advanced testing equipment and processes as certified PFAS testing labs, providing its customers with “cost effective, efficient, and convenient” testing option.

John Peichel, global market development at SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions, said: “PFAS is one of the biggest concerns in drinking water today. The expansion of our PFAS service offerings makes SUEZ a true one-stop shop for PFAS testing and treatment, ultimately enabling us to better meet customers’ needs through a holistic approach to dealing with PFAS issues.

“We can now identify the specific types of PFAS compounds customers’ are dealing with, and develop a customised treatment plan using a broad range of technologies to best address the specific PFAS issue.”

SUEZ offers a range of PFAS removal and remediation technologies to address contamination in industrial and municipal applications.