SUEZ innovates with unique solutions to monitor drinking water quality in real-time

The performance and safety of drinking water supply systems are at the heart of public health challenges. SUEZ leverages on its long-standing expertise in water services and digital technologies to offer a unique solution for the real-time monitoring of drinking water quality in distribution networks: AQUADVANCED® Quality Monitoring.


Unique technological innovations and know-how

Drinking water is the most closely controlled food product which can be exposed to accidental pollution. To anticipate variations in drinking water quality and increase responsiveness in the event of anomalies or potential pollution, SUEZ has designed AQUADVANCED® Quality Monitoring: A modular and customised solution to enhance the monitoring of water quality in a context of increased compliance and safety issues.

AQUADVANCED® Quality Monitoring detects and locates drinking water quality anomalies in real time thanks to probes placed at strategic check points in the distribution network. These probes simultaneously measure up to eight physico-chemical and bacteriological parameters and make it possible to act as soon as possible when a risk is confirmed. For installations without a power supply, the solution comes with a patented self-powered power supply that provides electricity to the equipment.


Adapted to every local need

AQUADVANCED® Quality Monitoring has many applications: it enables the targeted and continuous monitoring of sensitive areas or buildings, or even during sporting, cultural or festive events, through the installation of permanent or temporary reinforced monitoring devices. It is also a valuable tool for supporting projects to reduce the residual chlorine in drinking water by monitoring and optimising the required dose. 

The device is currently being deployed in Paris, in the La Defense business district, as part of the network management for the Gennevilliers water syndicate.

“AQUADVANCED® Quality Monitoring is a unique solution to continuously monitor the drinking water quality in the distribution networks for the benefit of local authorities and water operators,” said Loic Voisin, Director of Innovation, Marketing and Industrial Performance at SUEZ. “This innovation, unique to the market, is an addition to our range of AQUADVANCED® solutions that use digital technologies to optimise the performance of water networks and provide new services to local authorities and individuals. This range of solutions has already proven itself and has been deployed in more than 600 contracts worldwide.”