SUEZ expands suite of advanced analytics solutions

SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions has unveiled the latest additions to its robust suite of advanced analytics: IVAP* and CompRISE*. These data-driven analytics enable customers to optimise the operation of critical assets and drive a positive impact on both their bottom line and the environment. 

IVAP’s patent-pending technology brings together raw data from SUEZ WTS’ InSight* Asset Performance Management (APM) platform with machine learning to provide predictive analysis of ethanol evaporator performance and maintenance cleaning needs. This arms operators with the knowledge to optimise evaporator maintenance cleanings by replacing traditional time-based scheduled clean-in-place (CIP) programmes with performance-based cleaning programmes. When used in conjunction with a customised chemical programme, IVAP can reduce CIP frequency by 70%, resulting in reduced energy costs, decreased chemical usage, and increased production run-length.

CompRISE offers ethylene producers a fully integrated value-add programme for process gas compressors (PGCs) that is unique to the design, operation and performance reliability needs of their PGCs. By integrating InSight APM data from various pieces of equipment and measurement devices, the analytic functions as a coordinated asset protection, monitoring and reporting system to keep the PGC operating at maximum performance. Global producers managing multiple compressor assets around the world now have a single site to help manage the performance of the global fleet. 

“The advanced capabilities offered by IVAP and CompRISE will be transformative for our customers in ethanol and ethylene production, and we are excited to extend these Industry 5.0 capabilities to other industrial sectors,” said Bernie Anger, CDO for SUEZ WTS. “Our customers continue to need digital solutions that bring enhanced scalability, reliability, and visibility into their complex operations, and only SUEZ WTS can deliver that through our growing suite of advanced analytics.” 
A growing suite of advanced analytics

SUEZ WTS adds these new analytics alongside its award-winning application, Empower, a digital solution developed for the power industry. By leveraging its knowledge in water and chemical process treatment, SUEZ WTS continues to augment its digital offering capabilities across its industrial portfolio, enabling customers to optimise performance, reap financial benefits, and reach sustainability goals. 

SUEZ WTS’ suite of advanced analytics combines real-time data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence with customer-specific site data, creating a working virtual model of a plant’s critical assets. Operators can utilise the critical information provided by SUEZ WTS analytics to proactively identify issues, optimize operational and maintenance programs, and better manage water, energy, and fuel consumption to achieve their sustainability targets. 

*Trademarks of SUEZ; may be registered in one or more countries.