Suez consolidates portfolio of digital solutions with new acquisition of Inflowmatix

Suez Group has announced the acquisition of Inflowmatix. This acquisition will enrich the former’s range of digital solutions with offerings to ensure the performance and resilience of water distribution network. It will also reinforce Suez’s position as a technology provider for water utilities worldwide through its Smart & Environmental Solutions Business Unit.

Founded in 2015 as a spin-out from Imperial College London, Inflowmatix provides the acquisition of high-frequency pressure data and associated edge analytics to support near real-time operational and asset management decision for water utilities worldwide. The company has expertise and R&D capabilities in mathematical optimisation, data science and hydraulic engineering applied to complex water supply networks. It offers the InflowSys suite, a combination of high-frequency pressure monitoring devices and an enhanced data management platform, to enable water utilities to continuously monitor, analyse and optimise the performance of their water distribution networks and critical assets.

Inflowmatix also developed arboricity, an integrated network modelling and monitoring service to help water operators secure the management of their distribution systems while reducing leakage and disruptive pipeline bursts.

Inflowmatix has a broad customer base in the UK, France, Italy, Australia and New Zealand. The Suez Group’s channels to market will accelerate growth. Inflowmatix’s offerings complement and are already integrated with key Suez offerings such as Calm Network and Aquadvanced suite.

Diane Galbe, group senior executive vice-president – smart and environmental solutions business unit and strategy, at Suez, commented: “After several years of collaboration, Inflowmatix and Suez have been able to offer innovative solutions to our clients thanks to their complementary expertise. This acquisition, announced a few weeks after the creation of a joint venture with Schneider Electric to support the digital transformation of water operators, will allow us to offer a greater range of smart water solutions and to reinforce our position as a player in the fast-growing water pressure management market.”