SUEZ Announces Upgrades and Enhancements to Its InSight* Asset Performance Management System

Incorporating modern digital design trends and best practices, the latest InSight release from SUEZ offers users greater visibility and transparency into the operations they manage—whether at an enterprise, plant or even asset level. Improved visualisations—including a new geomap feature—and simplified navigations aim to make InSight easier to use, while expanded reporting and file management features enable sharing and analysis of key data points at all levels of an organization.

“As one of our core digital solutions, it’s crucial that InSight continues to evolve to meet the dynamic needs of our customers and the water industry as a whole. Offering faster and more comprehensive access to data and reporting, the latest InSight upgrade helps users to make better business decisions, eliminate unplanned downtime and lower operating costs,” said Ralph Exton, chief marketing officer, SUEZ—Water Technologies & Solutions.

The new enhancements to InSight include four main capabilities:

Geomap and asset fleet view—new dashboards provide enhanced views of all the assets managed and key performance indicators across multiple plants.

Modernised user interface and navigation—new data-oriented views provide easy access to the information used on a daily basis.

Multi-site reporting—InSight’s expanded multi-site reporting capability provides a new level of visibility and transparency to an organization.

Enhanced file management—users are offered additional structure and flexibility within the file management feature of InSight.

*All images are credit to SUEZ