SUEZ announces the launch of AssetAdvanced™, a decision-support platform to deliver smart and sustainable planning for water and sanitation infrastructure investments 

In celebration of Singapore International Water Week, SUEZ will showcase its latest Advanced™ solutions innovation: AssetAdvanced™. By deploying this decision-support platform, water service and sanitation managers are not only able to expand their knowledge of current assets, but also reduce risks and cost overruns from infrastructure failures as well as making informed decisions on future investments. AssetAdvanced™ is compatible with all types of urban services. The latter includes public lighting, light signaling, urban development, and urban heating and cooling networks. 

A key component in the decision-making process, the maintenance and replacement of assets within local communities often represents as much as one third of investments. Expected* investments may be reduced by 30% based on insights provided by the AssetAdvanced™ planning solution. 

 The Asset Advanced™ process 

1. Asset Advanced™ collates available asset data (sensors, inspections, operational data from the geographic information system (GIS), etc.) into a single analysis, simulation, and visualization platform. 

2. Next, Asset Advanced™ implements a multi-purpose and multi-criteria solution to develop scenarios reviewing the current and future state of assets, which in turn identify failure risks, and potential impacts on service. 

3. Based on data interpretation, AssetAdvanced™ then recommends inspection and replacement plans that are repurposed to meet the relevant priorities. As such, the solution aims to make assets last longer (networks and plants), in addition to reducing environmental impact and ensuring continuity and service quality for users. 

Charles Chami, Senior Vice-President, SUEZ Smart & Environmental Solutions Business Line: “Now more than ever, the deployment of effective asset management is a cornerstone issue for local communities against the background of aging infrastructure and increased pressure on water resources. To address this challenge, we are pleased to launch our all-new offering – AssetAdvanced™. AssetAdvanced™ is the product of our Group’s longstanding expertise in water network and plant management, which we have leveraged and integrated with our know-how in data processing and digital solutions. The AssetAdvanced™ offering will bolster our range of smart solutions designed to improve regional environmental performance.”